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    See More. Stop More.

    Access actionable, prioritized threat data with a reaction plan and security support from CenturyLink.

    Ready to take quick action when threats arise?

    Why CenturyLink? Analytics and Threat Management?

    Even with key network, infrastructure, data and application protections in place, organizations struggle to mount effective cyberthreat defenses. Too much data to analyze. A lack of context from your security tools. False positives. Limited security personnel. A lacking of budget. The challenges are numerous.

    With CenturyLink? Analytics and Threat Management services, you get the visibility needed to proactively identify potential security issues and respond to them before they cause harm. And with our event and incident management and response services, you can ease the burden of having to develop and manage incident response in-house.

    Security Log Monitoring
    Sophisticated log ingestion, monitoring and event correlation, with a powerful data analysis engine.
    Adaptive Threat Intelligence
    Access actionable, prioritized threat data that is correlated to your IP addresses.??
    Incident Management & Response Service
    A team of security experts who investigate incidents and proactively respond to possible attacks.
    Get the CenturyLink 2019 Threat Report
    Botnets are driving substantial changes to the evolving threat landscape. In this report we take a deep dive into mass malware based on research from Black Lotus Labs?and provide actionable advice for how to protect your network against leading cyberthreats.


    • A deep dive into #MassMalware research from Black Lotus Labs
    • Network-based behavior and comparison of select botnets: Mylobot, TheMoon, Necurs, Mirai/Satori and Emotet
    • How threat actors operate a variety of DNS-based attacks
    • Why DNS monitoring is an important security control
    • Actionable advice for network defenders
    • No long development cycles or difficult integration
    • Threat correlation provided by CenturyLink
    • 24/7 expert security support, eliminating the challenge and expense of hiring your own
    • Streamlined, actionable data means less time investigating, and more time acting against threats
    • Your data is monitored as it passes through the CenturyLink infrastructure
    • We correlate your data against known malicious threats utilizing proprietary analysis and threat data
    • Results are fed into a SIEM-based platform for 24x7 monitoring by CenturyLink Security Operations Center experts
    • You receive near real-time, customizable alerting for high-risk events
    • You can access near real-time, portal-based reporting, as well as analytics capabilities utilizing event data
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