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    Stay Up and Running No Matter What

    Quickly identify and mitigate the latest threats so your business stays online and connected.

    Under DDoS Attack? Our security operations center can help.

    Why CenturyLink? DDoS and Web Application Security

    Enterprises need to deploy a multi-layered security approach backed by extensive threat analytics to defend against a variety of attack types. Only network-based DDoS mitigation solutions can provide realistic protection to enterprise resources, and our web application firewall solutions deliver a range of defenses to surround applications with powerful security.

    Let CenturyLink help you quickly identify and mitigate the latest threats using multiple defenses to safeguard your network, website and cloud applications, so you stay connected—no matter what.

    Get the CenturyLink 2019 Threat Report
    Botnets are driving substantial changes to the evolving threat landscape. In this report we take a deep dive into mass malware based on research from Black Lotus Labs?and provide actionable advice for how to protect your network against leading cyberthreats.


    • A deep dive into #MassMalware research from Black Lotus Labs
    • Network-based behavior and comparison of select botnets: Mylobot, TheMoon, Necurs, Mirai/Satori and Emotet
    • How threat actors operate a variety of DNS-based attacks
    • Why DNS monitoring is an important security control
    • Actionable advice for network defenders

    DDoS Mitigation

    Rest easier.
    CenturyLink has used DDoS mitigation scrubbing since 2008 with around-the-clock monitoring and mitigation of your network.
    Leverage our network power.
    CenturyLink uses BGP Flowspec deployed across our Internet backbone to mitigate mounting threats.
    Simplify operations.
    Our network-based, carrier-agnostic service provides DDoS mitigation with a single point of contact for handling the resolution of threats.

    Web Application Security

    Leading technology.
    Protects against potential compromises of your sensitive data using industry-recognized leading technology.
    Keep apps safe and running.
    Detects and blocks malicious web requests, and prevents leakage of sensitive data such as credit cardholder information and social security numbers.
    Easy payments.
    Monthly service payment option eliminates the need for constant capital expenditure.


    • 4.5 Tbps of attack ingestion capacity
    • Re-route and scrub all internet connections, not just CenturyLink on-net capacity
    • Generic route encapsulation (GRE) protocol, direct (VPN), CenturyLink Internet Direct, and proxy clean path returns
    • Advanced behavioral analytics technology and threat intelligence
    • Flow-based application monitoring and mitigation
    • Host level re-routing and IP filtering
    • Real-time attack and peacetime reporting
    • Emergency and customer-initiated mitigation using BGP route control
    • Support of customer premises equipment to cloud signaling

    Web Application Security

    • Fully managed installation, configuration and ongoing management of a web application firewall service based on acclaimed Imperva technology
    • Includes 24/7 monitoring to help you react quickly and efficiently to threats as they emerge
    • Inspection of traffic let through the perimeter firewall to the web servers
    • Inspection of encrypted traffic
    • Proactive blocking of malicious traffic
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