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    Productive Meetings – From Virtually Anywhere

    Meet with colleagues, clients, and customers from remote locations, while managing your meetings with simple point-and-click commands. Web Conferencing fully integrates voice, Web and desktop video conferencing into one intuitive interface.

    Collaboration Made Simple

    CenturyLink??Web Conferencing enables you to easily conduct online meetings.? Collaborate with remote employees, connect multiple locations, meet with customers on the go, and save on travel expenses with Web Conferencing.
    • One-Click Connection from Desktop or Mobile
    • Forget About Passwords and Dial-In Numbers
    • Eliminate Software Downloads for Participants
    • Personalize Meetings with Webcam Video
    • Record Audio and Video Meetings with One Click
    • Get a Personalized Web Address for Hosting Meetings
    • Start, Schedule, and Manage Meetings In Outlook
    • Easy Screen Sharing with Crystal Clear Clarity
    • Connect Globally with International Support
    • See Who's Present and Know Who's Talking
    • Per-Minute or License-Based Pricing
    • No Participant Downloads
    • Personalized Meeting Space
    • Up to 125 Participants
    • Personal File Storage and Transfer
    • Active Speaker Technology
    • One-Click Desktop and Document Sharing
    • Intuitive Interface
    • Mobile Friendly
    • No Phone Dial-In Required
    • Live Support via Online Chat or Phone
    • High-Quality Video

    CenturyLink Web Conferencing lets you quickly start or schedule a virtual meeting with a simple click on the Conferencing Toolbar in Outlook. Guests can join others in virtual meeting rooms by clicking directly from your Outlook, desktop or mobile device. There's no need to remember access and meeting numbers because CenturyLink Web Conferencing dials you when you start the meeting. The solution also allows you to share applications right from your desktop, conduct polls, and create surveys and quizzes.


    More Online Conferencing Solutions

    We realize that not all systems will be compatible with CenturyLink Web Conferencing.? In order to be able to accommodate the needs of our customers, CenturyLink also offers additional Web Conferencing products. We have three additional offerings: Cisco??WebEx?, Adobe??Connect??and iMeetLive.? Cisco WebEx is known for its specialty solutions, such as Enterprise Edition and Training Center.? Adobe Connect is known for its video streaming capability and "pod" flexibility.? iMeetLive is best for one-to-many streaming presentations. You pick the one that integrates with your system and meets your needs. Contact an expert to discover the Web conferencing service that meets your needs.

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